Leona Group Wiki

This is our standard quick access, all employees can use our Webmail portal simply visit:


Use this if you are either a Leona Group employee outside of the state of Arizona or need to access your work email on a public or a computer that you do not have install rights on (with the exception of your work computer).


To log into the LEona Group webmail portal simply enter your Email Login credentials issued to you by your supervisor or a member of your administration team. 

Change Password

Change webmail password

The webmail portal does not force you to change your password so you will need to visit the "Options" section (bottom of the left menu), toward the bottom of the options page you will see the Change Password button.

Trouble shoot

My Email looks funny in Chrome.

  • Webmail is best viewed in Internet Explorer

When I log into the webmail portal I get this weird coding along the top and I am using Internet Explorer.

  • at the login screen you get an option for Premium and Basic, be sure to check "Basic" before logging into the webmail portal

Webmail Basic login.jpg