Being the digital age a large persentage of us have an email address.  If you are reading this there is a good possibility you have an email address (other than your leonagroup one).

So here is one more.

Work Email[edit | edit source]

If you made it this far you have been issued your very own email address, standardly addressed with your legal first and last name seperated by a period for example:

So now what?

Login[edit | edit source]

Like your Computer Login we use the same format first four letters of your last combined with the first four letters of your first.  So as with our example employee Abraham Lincoln, his email login would look something like this:


And as with your computer login, we use the standard welcome password: Access1

So how do I access my emails? (you ask)

Well there are two ways depending on your user type...

Gmail[edit | edit source]

This is our standard quick access, all employees can use our Gmail portal simply visit:

Use this if you are either a Leona Group employee outside of the state of Arizona or need to access your work email on a public or a computer that you do not have install rights on (with the exception of your work computer).

Citrix[edit | edit source]

Our Citrix portal can be access through:

This is for our Corperate users, School Admin Staff, and Arizona users

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